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Boss Kitchen

Diamond "Boss" Nicholson is a CSU Graduate, big sister, QLF's leading educator, and BOSS in the kitchen. Diamond began her catering business in 2020 and prides herself on spreading God's love through good food. Indulge in her ah-mazing banana pudding or spend your cheat day eating some of her delicious cobblers! Place an order here!

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TFIT 101 

Terence Clay is a motivator with a passion for fitness as well as giving back! TFIT 101 provides a variety of fitness trainings and programs to fit your needs. Terence will support you along your journey to feel good fitness by providing tailored instruction, results you can FEEL, and lots of motivation! For more information or to get started visit!



Authentic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity work requires the state of mind to change. When the state of mind changes the body follows. Empiresom provides you and your team the tools and knowledge necessary to change the state of mind in your company culture, and act in ways that foster diversity, equity and inclusion. Learn more by reaching out to them here

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DJL Investments 

DJL Investments makes building wealth through equity doable. Everyone has to start somewhere,  and DJL Investments supports clients at any stage with opportunities to own, invest, and sell with confidence. Contact Demetriece Langston at to start building wealth today! 


Loved by Tierra

Loved by Tierra offers all-natural, handmade products that provide a host of benefits while rejuvenating the skin. Their founder, Tierra Ellis, began making lotions, soaps, and remedies in 2016. After seeing the effects modern medicine and foods had on her children, she realized that everything we need to lead healthy lives is in nature. Find out what the benefits of all-natural ingredients can do for you and your loved ones by shopping at!

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717 Studios Ltd.

717 Studios believes design is an experience that creates lasting relationships with clients. With every design 717 Studios transforms the way your business looks, and how your clients feel. 717 provides design services, supports brand development through consultation, and provides tips and strategies to create brand love. Visit their website to turn your clients into advocates. 

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