Our goal is to provide better care and nourishment to our community. 

Beginning January 13th our QLF Bus will be setting up shop outside the Boys and Girls Club located across from Lancer Middle School.

Community members in need of food assistance or hygiene supplies will be able to "shop" for culturally attuned items.

We have partnered with Summit Stone Health with the goal of ensuring proper representation of our community throughout the recovery process. 

Recovery Coaches must have:

  • Lived experience with recovery from substance use disorders

  • A desire to support individuals in creating individualized pathways for long-term recovery from substance use disorders

If you have the skills above please apply using the

'Let's Go Button.'


We understand our community may have unanswered questions, unaddressed concerns, and hesitancy to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Queen's Legacy Foundation is dedicated to ensuring you have the facts, you have support meeting your needs, and you are educated about COVID-19 symptoms, prevention, and treatment. 

Why should I?
Should I get the vaccine?
Who made the vaccine?
What's in the Vaccine?