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In an effort to leave trauma and oppression behind, Queen relocated herself and her four eldest sons to Colorado. Queen thought she had made it out the mud, until the reality of her new surroundings set in.
Fort Collins, CO was small, exclusive, and predominantly white. Fort Collins was ill-equipped to support the livelihood of people of color, and even more so the livelihood of Black people.
Queen and her sons were met with racially intolerant community members, directly targeted by law enforcement, and subjected to homelessness due to housing discrimination. Determined not to be confined by the systems which oppressed her, Queen searched for resources, support, and care, however, she discovered what was offered didn't even scratch the surface of what her family truly needed.


During Queen's journey, she met other families like her own which had experienced similar hardship in Fort Collins. In the midst of adversity Queen's vocation to change the trajectory of her family's future, matured into positively changing the futures of families like her own. In 2018 Queen established New Eyes Village, our sister organization. Through New Eyes Village, Queen was able to support the sharing of Black culture through community at Sunday Service. The renewed strength in the community wasn't enough. Queen recognized the hardships she faced could not be avoided through faith alone. While New Eyes Village allowed participants to break free from the oppressive mindset, other mechanisms of oppression continued to work against communities of color. Effort was needed in a different way in order to ensure the Black Community of Fort Collins had equal opportunity.


In 2019, with the support of the Village, Queen's Legacy Foundation was established. This time Queen's vision was to interrupt systems of oppression that had gone unchecked. The foundation was created as an intentional movement to claim space for racial healing, self-improvement, and generational well-being. Queen's Legacy Foundation takes a generational approach to improve education, provide better access to mental and health services, as well as build a healthy understanding relationship with community.